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Bible With You (RVA) 6.00

Bible With You (RVA) 6.00

Bible With You (RVA) Publisher's Description

Take a Bible With You (RVA) for spanish Reina Valera Antigua! Enjoy Free Full functional Trial!

Bible With You is especially designed to fit the pace of your life. On travel, in church, in the Bible study or prayer group or even in the comfort of your bed, wherever you are with your handheld, you can get into God's Word. This amazingly handy and at the same time extremely fast tool for reading and researching God's Word will facilitate your exploration of the Bible.

General Features

  • Multiple Bibles Support
    Allows you to install a number of Bible translations.
  • Study Mode
    Allows you to read the Bible text view additional study helps like cross-references, Strong''s numbers and definitions, Commentaries, etc.
  • Comparing Bibles Mode
    Comparison of two Bible translations in split screen mode.
  • Reading Mode
    Automated reading with options for Auto scrolling, Screen Wrap and Manual reading.
  • User Notes
  • Bookmarks
  • Ribbons
    user marks, keeping record of the last passage read in a certain Bible book; Possibility to add more than one ribbons for your reading progress in the OT, NT, Gospels, Prophets, etc.
  • History
    Keeps record of the passages you have visited.
  • Show Verse Protocol
    Allows other applications to launch Bible With You.
  • Search for Words and Strong''s numbers
    Provided by integration with Bible Concordance With You.
    Warning: Bible Concordance With You required (a separate GMPSoft product, which uses a separate License.)
  • Clipboard Copy
    Possibility to copy the current active verse or all verses from the current selection.
  • Free license
    Allows you to use one Bible With You for free (available only for public domain Bible translations). The free license is limited - only one free licenses can be used at a time, and it does not give right to use Bible With You database in other GMPSoft products.

    Navigation Features

  • New in 6.0: Flying Command Bar
    A command bar with the most often used commands.
  • Forms
    Forms for selection of Bible translation, Bible Book, Chapter and Verse.
  • Graffiti Navigation System
    Fast navigation in the text by drawing Graffiti letters for Books and Graffiti numbers for chapters and verses.
  • Menu Bar Commands
  • Graffiti Shortcut Commands
    Alternative Graffiti shortcuts for most of the commands.
  • Autoscroll reading
  • Hardware Buttons
    Move the text up/down per page and move between chapters.
  • Scroll Bar
    Moves the text up/down within a chapter.
  • Jog Dial Support

    Bible Study Features

  • Footnotes
    Implements the footnotes as tool-tips for Bible translations that have this information.
  • Cross References
    Implements the cross references provided by some Bible translations. Bible Cross References is a separate GMPSoft product.
  • Strong's numbers
    Available in Bible With You (...wS)
  • Additional Study Books
    Supports databases of Lexicons, Cross references and Commentaries, which are separate GMPSoft products.
    New in 6.0:Supports Dictionaries
    Pop-up definitions of the words of the Bible, provided by popular dictionaries like Easton's, Webster's and other. Distributed separately as plug-ins for Bible With You.
    New in 6.0: Bible Images
    Images of objects related with certain passages from the Bible. Bible Images database is distributed separately as a plug-in for Bible With You.

    Presentation Features

  • Rich Text Presentation
    Text formatting is very close to that of the original texts. Subchapters, footnotes, words in bold and italics, Jesus words in red are included for Bible translation that provide such information.
  • Pop-up Windows
    Display the information about footnotes, cross-references, definitions, etc.
  • Arrange Text by Paragraphs or Verses
    Presents the text in a paragraph or verse formatting for Bible translations that have paragraphs.
  • Text Size Remapping
    Select from three different text sizes (small, medium, large).
  • Apply Bold Formatting
    This option applies bold formatting to the text to help people that experience difficulties reading the fine print.
  • New in 6.0: Show Last Line
    This feature allows you to see the last line from the previous page when paging down or reading the text with screen wrap feature.

    Technical Features

  • Platform
    The application supports Palm OS 3.5 or higher.
  • Palm OS5 support
  • Hi-Res+ Support
    Supports the 320x480 hi-res+ screens.
  • Tungsten T3 and TapWave 320/480, Clie PEG-UX50 support
  • Support for the 5-way navigation button
  • Support for MMC, SD cards, Memory Sticks
    The application uses VFS to work with MMC, SD cards and Memory Sticks. Due to the special techniques used, the application works fast and with a minimal slow down compared to using the database from the handheld RAM.
  • Sony Clie Jog Dial Support
  • Virtual Keyboard Support
  • Over 70% Compression
    Uses unique algorithms which allow a compression comparable to that of the popular archiver WinZip.
  • High speed of decompression
    The unique algorithms for compression comply with the handheld specifics and allow extremely fast decompression.


  • Bible With You (ACV)
  • Bible With You (AKJV)
  • Bible With You (ASV)
  • Bible With You (BBE)
  • Bible With You (DARBY)
  • Bible With You (HNV)
  • Bible With You (GW) - GOD'S WORD Bible.
  • Bible With You (KJV)
  • Bible With You (KJVwS) with Strong's numbers
  • Bible With You (RWB)
  • Bible With You (WEB)
  • Bible With You (WST)
  • Bible With You (YLT)
  • Bible With You (RVA) - Spanish
  • Bible With You (LUTH) - German
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